City of Ontario's Mayor and City Council Announce New Fire Chief

The City Council of Ontario is pleased to announce the appointment of Ray Gayk to the position of Fire Chief. After 21 years of service to the Ontario Fire Department, he will officially be appointed Fire Chief at the City Council meeting taking place Tuesday, December 18, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. 

“With California’s recent history of dangerous fires and our City’s continuous growth, we are very grateful to have Ray Gayk continue the chain of strong leadership over our Fire Department as our new fire chief,” said Mayor Paul S. Leon. “We as a City Council remain committed to providing high-quality public safety for the people in our community.” 

Chief Ray Gayk’s promotion from the position of Senior Deputy Fire Chief comes during the Department’s 125th Anniversary. In total, Gayk has devoted 25 years to fire service, and in those year, he has held various roles, including SWAT Medic, Public Information Officer, and Battalion Chief. 

“With unprecedented growth occurring in Ontario, Chief Gayk’s leadership will be important in providing quality medical and fire services for this growth. This will include the construction of at least two new fire stations in Ontario Ranch, a new fire training center, as well as the hiring of at least 40 more firefighters to staff them,” said Mayor pro Tem Alan D. Wapner. 

“With his years of experience in varied fire service positions, I am confident Chief Gayk will lead our fire department to continue to be dependable in their vital role of serving the City,” said Council Member Jim Bowman, a former Ontario Fire Chief. 

“The recent fires that have affected California are a reminder that our fire department must always be in top shape to protect our community. We recognize that Chief Gayk has the experience and leadership qualities to keep us moving in the right direction,” Council Member Debi Dorst-Porada said.

Outside of his local dedication to fire service, Chief Gayk has held leadership positions including Vice President of the OPS section of International Fire Chiefs Association and the State Legislative Committee for the California Fire Chiefs Association. He was also the editor of the “Company Officer Development” articles for Fire/Rescue Magazine and he has taught leadership classes throughout the United States at several national conferences. 

“I am extremely grateful for Chief Gayk’s dedication to keeping our community safe, and I look forward to seeing him become a very successful Fire Chief,” said Council Member Ruben Valencia. 

Ontario Fire Department serves a population of more than 176,000 people, covering nearly 50 square miles. Nine fire stations, eight four-man engine companies, two four-man truck companies and an eight-man Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting station are part of the department. Construction of a tenth fire station is currently underway. 

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